Also selling your house?

Relaxed moving with Dina sells

Buying a new home is nice, but your current home must also be sold. How do you address that? Will you sell right away or is it more financially convenient to buy something else first and look for a temporary place? Dina sells helps you with a smooth move and everything that comes with it. Also helpful: an introductory meeting with a buying broker from Thomas’ team and a selling broker from Dina sells. We discuss all the issues surrounding a sale and purchase in one meeting.

How work we

Thomas and Dina work together, eat together and even live together. Brokerage is their great shared passion. Yet selling and buying are completely different trades. In this, Thomas’ and Dina’s teams complement each other seamlessly. Because of the intensive cooperation between the teams, buying broker and selling broker constantly know from each other what is going on around your move.

Combination deal sales and purchase counseling

When Thomas the buying agent and Dina sells together for you you get €500 off the total price. Want to know more?

Thomas de Aankoopmakelaar
Thomas de Aankoopmakelaar
What kind of mortgage can I get?

Preparation is everything! Hence, in our process, we always start with the financial check.

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