Vacancy! Will you be our new buying agent?

What are we looking for?

To expand our team, we are looking for an enthusiastic experienced buying agent who is looking for a new challenge! You love purchases and would like to do more with this. You have passion to advise people, have an active attitude and can work independently. In addition, you are enthusiastic, love contact and put people at ease. You have your KRMT degree and already a (few) years of work experience in brokerage. You are preferably available for at least 4 days.

Working at Dina Sells and Thomas the Purchase Broker. Why would I want to?

Well, for example, because we started a brokerage firm because we really wanted to do things differently than other brokers. Putting the client first and thinking with them during one of the most exciting but also stressful times in their lives. But above all, we want to enjoy working for our clients.

How we do this? By being there for them. Good communication is very important to us. A small job in between because it puts out a fire, or to put a smile on a customer’s face is daily business with us. We are a young firm with a clear target group, we work mainly for clients between the ages of 25 – 40, which is where our strength lies. Approachable contact and working in a relaxed manner ensures that we all enjoy going to work.

Introducing our office:
Thomas only purchases homes; he is on the road all day with clients to view, advise and bid.
Dina does the selling, she spends whole days touring and meeting many new people.
Thomas and Dina are a couple and live together in Vleuten.
Jordi, like Thomas, is concerned only with purchasing and is working in our new region of Rotterdam. Jordi lives in Reeuwijk with his wife and two kids.
Inge, with her college degree in Hotel School and KRMT training, is on the sales team along with Dina. She lives with her boyfriend in Utrecht.

Finally, Helga and Moniek. They are our office managers and make sure everything in the office runs smoothly! Both Helga and Moniek have a ton of experience, work hard and are incredibly sociable. Helga lives with her boyfriend in Houten and Moniek with her two kids and husband in Nieuwerbrug aan den Rijn.

Together we provide a friendly atmosphere in the office, have regular drinks and all work towards a common goal and mission: to help people move in a relaxed manner.

Okay… then what should I do all together?

As a buying agent, you will work with Thomas to advise and assist people in buying a home. We expect you to support our team and be responsible for your own clients.

You can think of the following activities:

  • Introductory interviews with potential home buyers.
  • Active search for your customers
  • Providing purchase viewings
  • Giving (telephone) advice to customers
  • Conducting negotiations
  • Reviewing purchase deeds and conducting inspections

In addition, we think it would be great if you would like to think with us every day on how to take our services to the next level. Fun, creative and customer-focused ideas are more than welcome. Do we like them? Then you get all the freedom to execute them.

What do I get in return?

Enough! We hope:

  • Competitive salary
  • A cozy and pleasant workplace in Utrecht
  • 6 very pleasant colleagues (even if we say so ourselves ;-))
  • Challenging and ambitious work environment
  • Freedom in your work, we look at your performance instead of hours worked
  • Advancement opportunities to independent broker (franchise, such as Rotterdam)

Apart from these open doors, we would also like to think with you. For example, would you like to combine work with your family or grow as an independent purchase agent in your own region? Let’s look at the possibilities.


Yes please!!!

Curious if we are the right fit for you? Then send an email to including motivation and resume to then schedule an appointment.

Thomas de Aankoopmakelaar
Thomas de Aankoopmakelaar
What kind of mortgage can I get?

Preparation is everything! Hence, in our process, we always start with the financial check.

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