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Our team consists of specialized buying brokers and a strong back office, all passionate about brokerage. Meet our colleagues here!

Thomas van Elteren – Purchase broker (RMT)

Thomas was born and raised in Lopik (near Utrecht). Growing up in a family of contractors, he was on the scaffolding from childhood. While studying architecture, management and brokerage, he was introduced to this beautiful profession. After college, Thomas worked in a real estate office for 6 years, getting all his degrees and learning the ropes. He still applies his knowledge of structural engineering daily in his work as a purchasing agent. In 2016, he founded Thomas the buying agent. What began as a one-man business is now a cozy growing team operating under Thomas’ name in the Utrecht and Rotterdam area.

Linda Goorts
– Purchasing agent (RM)

With her roots in Brabant and experience in both the Amsterdam and Utrecht housing markets, Linda stands her ground! At 21 Linda started as a candidate real estate agent in Amsterdam, however a move to Vleuten 9 years ago landed her in Utrecht real estate. After many sales and purchases on the Utrecht market, it has become clear that the real passion lies in buying. Guiding and unburdening clients through this intensive process is what Linda is energized by!

Jordi Hoogendoorn – purchase broker (KRMT)

Jordi started in brokerage at the same time as Thomas. They have always been in good contact. After several years, Jordi made the switch to banking. He has worked at several banks, including as a mortgage broker. After several years, Jordi decides that corporate business is something he wants to leave behind. He wanted to think with me, move quickly and be more responsible. His background as a real estate agent beckoned, so Jordi contacted Thomas again. Now Jordi is committed daily to helping people looking for a home in the Utrecht and Rotterdam area.

Dina – sales broker (KRMT)

Entrepreneurship was almost literally instilled in Dina: she grew up in an entrepreneurial family and at a young age helped her father in his notary’s office. After law school, she made the move toward real estate. After a few years of working in real estate offices, she started Dina sells. Her mission (which she enjoys carrying out): to help people through one of the most exciting periods of their lives!

Together with Thomas, she lives on the outskirts of old Vleuten. Just outside the city, against Haarzuilens and close to greenery. “The best of both worlds,” she says.

Inge – Assistant Realtor (ARMT)

With her college education in Hotel School under her belt, Inge is also now nearing completion of her Real Estate (KRMT) education. Inge supports the team administratively in the office and handles outside viewings. She is tremendously driven to do her job well and she radiates that. Don’t underestimate her, despite her age, Inge knows a lot: she has just successfully remodeled her own home and has lots of energy!

She moved to Utrecht during her student days, and now has her own apartment there.

Helga – office manager

Are you calling our office? Chances are you’ll get Helga on the phone! And fun news: she is always up for a chat or a good joke. Sitting still? No, get on with it! Helga plans the viewings, prepares the deeds of sale and in between also answers all kinds of questions from (potential) buyers and sellers. With her more than twelve years of experience in real estate brokerage, Helga has everything under control at our office in no time.

A true Utrecht native, she knows the city like the back of her hand, but Helga now lives in Houten with her boyfriend.

Moniek – office manager

Through her years of experience in brokerage, Moniek brings a mountain of knowledge with her. For years, she has been supporting brokers and helping clients along the way. The great thing about Moniek, besides cheerfulness and her tremendous customer focus, is that she is always thinking about how things can be done better and faster. She never sits still and always wants to improve. She is a real asset to our team and together with Helga she rocks the office and is a very nice first impression!

Moniek loves to move. She moved from Maarssen to ‘t Zand in Leidsche Rijn, then to Linschoten and finally Nieuwerbrug aan den Rijn of all places. So definitely a connection to Utrecht AND moving.

Thomas de Aankoopmakelaar
Thomas de Aankoopmakelaar
What kind of mortgage can I get?

Preparation is everything! Hence, in our process, we always start with the financial check.

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