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Buying a home with Thomas the buying agent

When you are sick, you go to the doctor. When you want to build a house, you hire an architect. If you want to buy a house, one of the biggest expenses of your life, then hire a buying agent. Our team will guide you through the exciting time while buying a home.

Advising clients in making their choices gives us great satisfaction. That’s why the team at Thomas the buying agent consists of specialized buying agents and a strong back office, all passionate about brokerage. We take all the time you need, but can move quickly when necessary. For us, “trust” is the key word. We love getting to know you, standing beside you throughout the process, discovering which home is best for you.

We are on your side, and you can ask us anything. We advise on the legal and structural aspects, maintenance condition and surroundings of the house. Together we determine the value of the house before making an offer. In short, a buying agent saves you a lot of stress, research and time.

What does the buying process look like?


The first step is the financial check. That means looking for a mortgage broker. You can do this yourself, but we can also match you with someone from our network. A clear financial overview provides peace of mind and clarity. That way you won’t have any surprises later.


Based on your needs and capabilities, we will set up a search. You will be notified when suitable offers come in. If you are excited about a property, we will schedule an appointment to view. Before and during the viewing, we look at the legal and construction aspects and put everything together for you. You decide whether you see yourself living here.


Have you tied the knot? Then negotiations begin on such matters as the purchase price, financing terms, completion, moveable property, a building inspection and any resolutive conditions. We will make the best possible estimate of the value and offer, all in consultation with you of course!

The purchase

Now the paperwork begins. From checking the bill of sale to a building inspection to arranging a mortgage, we will help you every step of the way. You get clear explanations of everything ahead. Together we keep track of deadlines.

To the notary

Before you go to the notary, we do a final inspection. That way you can be sure the house is in order. Finally, you put your signature and the cork can come off the bottle!

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Thomas de Aankoopmakelaar
Thomas de Aankoopmakelaar
What kind of mortgage can I get?

Preparation is everything! Hence, in our process, we always start with the financial check.

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